Will an Apple iTV transform home entertainment?

iPod, iPhone, iPad. Apple’s most recent transformative products. Is there an Apple TV in your future? Joshua Topolsky in The Washington Post:

In his recent biography of Steve Jobs, author Walter Isaacson says the Apple visionary revealed to him that he had finally “cracked” the problem with TV and was working on what he called an “integrated television set.”


Apple is making the device in your hands the hub in your living room simply by interfacing through the Apple TV. Imagine if the company decided to produce a line of televisions with similar technology built in. The Apple TV already runs the same mobile OS as the company’s phones and tablets — why wouldn’t a TV set?

What about TV apps?

For starters, it’s possible that the solution to our TV problem is to start offering apps instead of channels. John Gruber — a popular Apple-focused blogger — has suggested that very thing. What if apps were channels? Instead of subscribing to those hundreds of channels you skip past when you’re trying to find something to watch, you could select a la carte options specifically tuned to your tastes.

Apps as channels?

That looks like a future. Goodbye cable TV and hello ala carte channel shopping.