How To Customize Your Mac’s Folders With A Click

Fire up Finder on your Mac and take a look at those folders. That blandy blue from 1999 isn’t exactly inspiring, is it?

What can you do to beat the Mac folder blues? There’s an app for that.

Folders Factory is a dirt cheap and simple-to-use Mac app that lets you customize the folders on your Mac. Drag and drop. Point and click.

Change colors, add text, drop in textures, even emboss folders so they look better than the Mac’s system folders.

Use the Folders Factory library to drag and drop a design to a folder you want to customize.

Folder Factory Library

The Folders Factory interface is self explanatory. Drag the slider back and forth to change the border thickness. Click to add a shadow and use a slider for radius and offset.

Create stamps, drop in images and text so your folders are visually identifiable in a glance.

You’ll spend only minutes to create stunningly attractive folders that look like this.

Folders Factory Folder

Not bad for less than $2, huh?