The Future Of Mac To-Do Apps Is In The Cloud

What was once my absolute favorite to-do list manager on my Mac has taken a back seat to another Mac app.

It’s Things vs. Todo. For now, Things is losing. Todo is ahead of the pack.

To-do list apps on the Mac are a dime a dozen. Many are free, most are nearly dirt cheap, and the expensive ones can also double as task managers and project managers (and you’ll pay for the privilege).

That’s the story of Things, which debuted a few years ago as an elegant, almost simple to-do list manager that could also stretch into listing tasks within a project (and multiple projects).

Then along came Things for iPhone. Things users could take Things on the road and have them sync up to their Mac via WiFi later.

Then along came Dropbox, and iCloud, and automatic, on-the-fly synchronization of data between devices. Things was left behind.

Things still had tasks and projects. Things was still easier to use than most, with a mild learning curve to get into the more advanced features. Things had the ability to zoom into details of a task, and cam with task alerts.

But things required the now archaic WiFi sync instead of cloud sync. So, I packed up my to-do lists and moved to Appigo’s Todo for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. While it’s not quite as capable as Things, it quickly became more useful and synced instantly with Dropbox (or, iCloud, or Toodledo, et al).

Thanks to the cloud, Things is back. Almost.

The latest version starts over and runs alongside your old Things. The new Things uses the cloud to store your to-do lists, tasks, and projects. But it doesn’t use Dropbox or iCloud. It uses Things Cloud. It’s yet another cloud service designed to store your app’s data online and sync back to your devices; Mac, iPhone, iPad.

My switch from Things to Todo is chronicled in The Problem With To Do Lists And The Mac, iPhone, iPad To Do Solution.

It’s good to see Things finally join the 21st century of the Cloud. For many of us, it may be too late because the future of to-do apps, indeed any Mac, iPhone or iPad app that creates and manipulates data, is in the cloud.