The On Screen Magnifier You Wish Your Mac Had (now available)

My Mac’s System Preferences are set up to zoom into the screen by using Control-Scroll (zoom in and out). It’s a quick and easy way to view portions of the Mac’s screen up close, in a super-magnification mode.

Guess what? There’s an app for that.

It’s called Zoom It, a dirt cheap Mac app that gives you multiple loupes so you can zoom in on any portion of the Mac’s screen by using keyboard shortcuts.

Zoom Round Loupe

Toggle between the round and rectangle loupes by using the keyboard command.

Zoom It Rectangle Loupe

While using the Zoom It loupe you still get access to your keyboard, trackpad controls, and mouse clicks. All it does is zoom the screen.

Another keyboard shortcut holds the loupe onscreen, then dismisses it with a release. Screen magnification goes up to 500-percent. You can also take a screenshot of the image in the loupe.

Zoom It is good for people who need the screen image to be bigger (bad eyes, or for presentations that need to zoom in on an image), but it doesn’t have the ability to capture screen colors on a per pixel basis. That would be useful.