How To Bring Photo Album Slideshows To Your Mac’s Screen (while you’re working)

If there’s one thing I love about modern Macs it’s the screen real estate. Remember the original Mac? It had a nine-inch screen. That’s right. The screen was smaller than an iPad’s screen, and totally dwarfed by any Mac screen today.

What can you do with all those extra screen pixels?

If you’re a photo buff, there’s a handy Mac app that lets you run a resizable photo slideshow within a moveable window on your Mac’s screen.

Picture Window is just that. It’s a picture window; a photo in a window on your Mac. And, if you want, a slideshow of an iPhoto photo album. Here’s what it looks like:

Picture Window

Just grab the window and move it around anywhere on your Mac’s screen. It floats on top of other windows and cycles through the iPhoto albums. Or, you can fill a folder full of photos and let Picture Window run a slideshow from that instead.

Not bad for a few bucks, right? Wait. There’s more. Picture Window also runs full screen on Lion-equipped Macs. At less than full screen resolution, Picture Window’s window is resizable; small or large or anywhere in between.

As a bonus, it runs multiple windows, so your Mac’s screen can have multiple photo slideshows running at the same time. The photo windows are clean. No borders.

When it works, Picture Window is excellent. Every now and again it would barf on a particular photo and not display it correctly. Otherwise, it’s amazingly easy to use and takes the albums you already have in iPhoto.