How To Do What Adobe Illustrator Does With A Mac App That Costs Less Than $25

When it comes to the Mac, there are three kinds of applications. What the pro’s use. The good apps that deliver more bang for the buck (under promise and over deliver). And pretty much everything else.

Adobe Illustrator is a good example of what the professionals use in design and graphic shops. It’s loaded with features, complex and complicated, highly capable, of course, and with a price tag to match the professional tool status.

What if you want to do design, drawing and graphics with vector-based tools but can’t afford the second mortgage to buy Illustrator. Try iDraw. This vector drawing tool is very capable, a good bargain for those who don’t need all of Illustrator, may be all you need to accomplish drawing tasks without being wedded to the app day after day.

To any Mac user who’s worked with a drawing or photo enhancement app, iDraw will be instantly familiar.

iDraw Tools

While I’m not a fan of floating palettes of tools, iDraw makes it easier to manage with a basic window which contains the graphic, and tools that surround the image. A sidebar palette holds specific tool options.

iDraw adheres to standard tools and features sets. It imports and exports EPS, SVG, and PDF files. There’s both a shapes and styles library. Each canvas can scale and comes in rulers and units (inches and metric).

iDraw Layout

There’s also the standard array of brush and pencil tools, shape creation tools, multiple layers, a multi-colr gradient editor, shadows, and text styling.

Objects can be rotated and scaled, snapped to the grid, locked and unlocked, while keeping aspect ratio.

The latest version supports storing files in iCloud. And, there’s an iPad version of iDraw version with similar tools.

iDraw has improved dramatically in recent versions and deserves all the five star reviews (an app developer can’t have that many relatives).