Use Your Mac To Strip Color From A Digital Photo And Put It Back Exactly Where You Want

One of the more obvious and sometimes overused trends in photography these days is black and white and color. Color is stripped from a photograph, then color is brought back, but only on a single object within the photo.

Here’s an example from the app Tintii. The color is stripped out, then replaced to highlight specific objects.

Tintii Example And Controls

This methodology isn’t new so much as it is trendy. And, with digital photographs, it’s remarkably easy to create a photo that focuses on a single aspect rather than the whole image.

Tintii isn’t limited to simply stripping out color then adding it back. The slider tools give you infinite options to adjust color in a digital photo.

Tintii With Color Options

Slider controls can change saturation, contrast, edging, hue, saturation, lightness, even channel mixing, and changes can be applied to specific colors within a photo.

Tintii’s learning curve is gentle, but the slider bars require plenty of trial and error, so it’s more than a one-trick pony app, and priced like similar apps on the Mac App Store.