Yet Another Powerful Mac Todo App Which Syncs Lists And Tasks To iPhone And iPad

How many todo list apps do you have on your Mac? Stickies, Notes, Calendar, and probably a few you’ve tried but haven’t made it to the daily habit yet. One of the problems we all face with todo apps is mustering up the discipline to use it. 2Do makes it easier by giving you a full featured todo list and task manager, that also syncs up with the iPhone and iPad versions so your nagging todos follow you everywhere.

2Do sits just above the simple the todo checklist apps and more closely resembles a digital version of the old day planner metaphor (complete with attractive leather themes).

What I like about 2Do is the one-screen approach. All your task and todo lists are visible in the sidebar, and the main window provides a one glance view of what’s overdue, what’s due today, and what’s coming up.


Use 2Do for simple todo lists, or group tasks into projects. Add tags for easy search. QuickLook makes it simple to view details. Simply tap the space bar.

Tasks can have alarms and notifications (supports Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion). Each task can have multiple alarms, and you can password protect individual lists or 2Do itself.

The most important feature is the ability to sync 2Do for Mac to 2Do for iPhone and iPad so your tasks, lists, and projects go wherever you go. Sync can be handled through iCloud, Dropbox, Toodledo or CalDAV.

This task manager is well done and powerful (with a price tag to match). The iPhone version is one third the price, though.