Yet Another Way To Add Appointments And Alerts To A Calendar On Your Mac

Far be it for me to fully understand or criticize a Mac app developer’s business model, but I do wonder why there are commercial apps that do what free apps already do. Take the app Appointments as an example.

By itself, and without comparing it to other calendar-based apps, Appointments is attractive and useful. Set an appointment and it automatically appears on the calendar.


Click on a date and view all the appointments scheduled for that date. Or, click to enter a new appointment by filling in the basic date, time, location information.

Appointments Schedule

Appointments can be viewed within the app, or printed as a list. It’s very neatly organized with a clean, elegant design, and completely self explanatory.

It’s almost as if Apple created Appointments, and therein lies the problem. Why does it exist if Calendar is already available on every Mac and does far more (alerts, alarms, email, iCloud sync, repeating entries, multiple calendars, etc.)?

Maybe you want to keeps some appointments separate from OS X’s Calendar app. If so, Appointments is good because it keeps track of what you want and even gives you an alarm. It’s not bad for $2.99.