3 Ways This Clever App Helps To Unclutter Your Mac’s Desktop From Clutter (cleverly named, too)

What goes around, comes around. That was then, this is now. What happened in the analog world seems to crop up just as profoundly in the digital world. I’m talking about clutter on the desktop.

Whether it’s clutter on top of a real desk, or it’s clutter on the Mac’s Desktop, it’s all the same. Clutter breeds. What do you need to unclutter clutter? Unclutter, the app.

Instead of dumping all your files, photos, movie clips, snippets, URLs, documents, PDFs and everything else onto the Desktop, Unclutter gives you three ways to remove and reorganize clutter.


There’s nothing to click (but there is a Menubar icon). Simply move your Mac’s onscreen pointer to the top of the Menubar and scroll down.

Down comes three places to store Desktop files. Clipboard. File Storage. And Notes.


All three components, combined together in a single utility, give you a way to reduce the clutter, and make those formerly messy Desktop files much easier to find.

Notes is a digital notepad. Files is where all your temporary files go. And, Clipboard gives you a visual preview of what’s on the Mac’s clipboard.

This is a remarkably clever app, and quickly gets into your work flow. Each window can be dragged elsewhere on the Mac’s screen to make it even more handy to add or remove files.

Other than having to learn yet another way to keep the Mac’s Desktop clean and clutter free, there’s not much to argue about with Unclutter. It unclutters and it’s affordable.