Add A Push-To-Talk Microphone Manager To Your Mac To Control Sound When Talking Online

How many times have been talking to a friend online in Skype, iChat, FaceTime, or simply recording audio and you want to kill background noise? What every Mac needs is a simple push-to-talk button in the Menubar. Push to talk. Or, push to silence (like a cough button).

That’s what Shush, the Mac microphone manager app does. For a few bucks you’ll be able to click a button to talk (push to talk) so background sounds don’t get through the mic while you’re not talking.

Setup is simple and straightforward.

Shush Preferences

Setup Shush to start up when you log into your Mac. Have it display in the Menubar for added convenience. Or, setup a hotkey combo to invoke.


The icon in the Menubar lets you keep tabs on which mode Shush is using at the time (push-to-talk, or push-to-silence).

It works with any internal or external or line in microphone attached to your Mac. Hit the hokey combo and Shush will let you talk. Release the hotkey and the line goes silent, which eliminates background noises.

Shush makes a great cough button or mute button during recording or any online conversation. Apple should have Shush built-in to OS X.