How To Convert Video Files On A Mac, Free And With Drag and Drop Simplicity

Video is a mess. Audio isn’t much better. There are just too many file formats to worry about. Fortunately, some Mac apps automatically convert video clips to run on specific devices– from Mac to iPhone to iPad to iPod.

If whichever app you use makes the process painful and time consuming, there’s a free drag and drop way to convert video files. The app is called Miro Video Converter (MVC) and it’s free.

Drag and drop a video to MVC to convert the file to fit on other devices.

Miro Video Converter

If you’re looking for more bells and whistles and a long menu of configuration settings, that’s not MVC.

Drag the video onto MVC. Select the device target. Click the Convert button.

If you need a few more options, there’s vanilla Miro which batch converts video files, downloads videos, music, and podcasts, and even syncs to other devices connected to your Mac. And, it streams music and video on your local network to share with others.

Miro also imports music from iTunes to become an alternative music player (but with fewer features than iTunes). Like Miro Video Converter, Miro is also free.