How To Get Rid Of What All Mac Users Have In Common (duplicates in iPhoto)

For about 30 years or so I shot, developed, and printed up around 5,000 photos (all nicely parked into a shelf of albums). Since iPhoto showed up about a decade ago, I’ve shot (and not had to develop or print) almost 20,000 photos.

A number that large means there are plenty of photo duplicates, near duplicates, and a lot of clutter and chaos in iPhoto, despite an annual pruning session.

Other than looking at every photo in iPhoto, one photo at a time, how can you find and delete duplicates on your Mac?

iPhoto Duplicate Cleaner.

This free app makes it simple to scour many thousands of photos to find the dupes and get ’em deleted with a click. The app looks like a photo browser, displays duplicates, and gives you options to view in close up mode, or move to iPhoto’s Trash.

iPhoto Duplicate Cleaner

After it scans your iPhoto library it will gather all the duplicates, tell you how many it found, and how much total storage is being used on your Mac.

iPhoto Duplicate Cleaner

iPhoto Duplicate Cleaner works on videos stored in iPhoto, too. What it doesn’t do, and what I’d like to see as an added feature, is to find near-duplicates. I suspect my iPhoto library has more near-duplicates than actual duplicates.

The app is free but I’d be willing to pay a few dollars for an app that could display near-look-a-likes and give me the option to keep one and discard the other.