How To Make Small Photos Crazy Large And Without Crazy Jaggies (all on your Mac)

Digital cameras with a gazillion pixel sensors give us photos which are huge, and usually need to be reduced in size to share online or to email to friends or family. What if you have a small photograph (either scanned from a photo, or from an older camera with fewer pixels) that you want to enlarge?

Dozens of Mac apps will enlarge a photo. As the photo is enlarged the pixels begin to separate into noticeable jaggies. If you need to convert smaller photos into much larger photos use PhotoZoom Pro on your Mac. The results are stunning.

Here’s an example of a small image that’s blown up into a much larger image.

PhotoZoom Pro Image

PhotoZoom’s interface takes plenty of trial and error effort to master, but the results will speak for themselves. It can create images up to 1-million by 1-million pixels by using a patented image resize technology which preserves sharpness, edges, and fine details, while reducing typical digital image noise and distortion.

Images can be batch processed, too, and the app is smart enough to utilize multiple processors to convert small photos to larger photos. There’s even a plugin for Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint and PaintShop Pro (which means there’s a Windows PC version, too).

PhotoZoom Pro is most often used by publications which require maximum quality out of photographs with nominal quality or smaller size (professional can also be associated with expensive).