How To Use The eXtra Voice Recorder For The Mac Which Has Extra Features

One of the more useful applications for the iPhone is the voice memo app. In fact, the iPhone has a few dozen audio recording apps. For Mac users, Garageband is free and is a quality multi-track audio recorder, but it’s also not easy to use fro taking quick notes or manage audio files.

Among the many Mac apps that do just that is eXtra Voice Recorder. It records audio. And it manages audio files. Big whoop, right? Except that eXtra does it with an extra flare and is more convenient than most Mac audio recorder apps.

eXtra Audio Converter

Use the keyboard shortcuts to start a new audio recording, or display what’s already been recorded from the drop down menu.

Each recording can have comment notes. The built-in sound detector turns off recording when it detects periods of silence. Add to more recording to a previously recorded file.


Settings are straightforward. Select the input recording device. Select which folder to save files (works well with Dropbox). Use the slider to select recording quality (it needs more than a slider bar, though; file types would be good).

Audio clips from other apps can be dragged into eXtra Voice Recorder and added to other recordings. Audio clips can be marked and tagged for easy search. And, files can be exported as AAC or standard MP3.

This one is really well done and very convenient. I’d like to see more controls over the file types and an easier way to edit or add filters to audio recordings, but it’s difficult to beat the price.