The Almost Free Tool That Every Mac Using Graphic Designer Needs Now

My Photoshop days go back to version 1.5, a limited version that came with an image scanner. Since then, I’ve devoted far too much money to all things Adobe, and a few years ago began to collect tools with limited, specific, but useful functionality.

The only problem with that effort is that my Mac is now cluttered with one-trick pony apps that I refuse to delete.

A perfect example is Aspect Ratio Calculator.

If you guessed that all that Aspect Ratio Calculator does is calculate an aspect ratio, you would be right. It’s a simple way to get a perfect aspect ratio by entering original dimensions, then scaling down or up, as required.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Aspect Ratio Calculator couldn’t be much easier to use. Enter original dimensions, then enter a corresponding number to determine the dimensions, but keeping the same aspect.

If you’re hoping for more, you’ll be disappointed. That’s it. Where the app is valuable is to anyone who does graphics or photos where the daily app of choice doesn’t make it easy to grab aspect ratio or scale a graphic up or down.

This one does is perfectly every time, and costs less than a dollar.