The Swiss Army Knife Of Mac Audio Recorders Lets You Record And Draw At The Same Time

Apple takes plenty of public flack over child labor practices at factories in China. The vision of children plying away their lives assembling Apple’s iToys is what I see when viewing the iLife Touch web site. That’s where I found iRecorder audio recording app among the few dozen Mac utility applications.

There’s more to this recording app that meets the eye. Or, the ear. iRecorder records audio through your Mac’s line-in or microphone, but it also features options to draw, add images, and take notes.


The interface isn’t much to look at. The transport controls are simple to use, and audio can be sped up or slowed down with a click. Audio recordings are stack in order with options to edit, delete, or email.

The secret is in the recording timeline. iRecorder lets you add images, take notes, scrawl drawings and doodles along the audio timeline. That makes it a good tool to use while recording lectures, class room activities, or live events where notes would be worthwhile.

iRecorder would be perfect if there was a simple option to add video from the Mac’s iSight camera. As it is, it works, isn’t expensive (surprisingly inexpensive, actually), and useful for students and meeting attendees.

It’s only one of a few dozen similar utility apps from iLife Touch. There are so many apps that I still picture children slaving over a hot keyboard, coding away their lives for 50-cents a day.