The Top Mac Social App For 2012 Doesn’t Come From Twitter Or Facebook

Becoming a social animal in the 21st century could not be much easier. Facebook has a billion members. Twitter is growing faster than the national debt. Mac users, PC users, iPhone and iPad users, and even Android OS users have plenty of social apps from which to choose.

From my perspective as an experienced Mac user who wants to stay connected but doesn’t have much free time to devote to online socializing, the Top Mac Social App for 2012 doesn’t come from either Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter apps are a dime a dozen, but the good one, the best one, comes with a hefty price tag. Tops for Mac and iPhone is Tweetbot for Twitter.

Why is an expensive Twitter app worth the price tag when Twitter’s own app is free? Frankly, it does more, works better, looks better, and is stuck between a rock and a hard space.


Tweetbot makes multiple timelines easily visible and accessed. Switch back and forth with ease. Notification Center support is built in. Block messages from some users without unfollowing them.

Use Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, CloudApp and Droplr from within Tweetbot. Plus, the whole shebang can be synced up– timeline, read statuses, and more– to iPhone and iPad versions of Tweetbot via iCloud.

Compared to Twitter’s official Mac version– which is free– Tweetbot is a breath of fresh air. But why the price tag?

That has to do with Twitter eating the app developers who helped to make Twitter so popular. Third party apps have limits and caps and restrictions that didn’t exist before.

Tweetbot would be absolutely perfect if it had a delayed or scheduled tweet function. As it is, it’s easily the most popular of the Mac and iPhone Twitter apps.