This Simple App Makes It Easier To Snap A Screenshot On A Mac And It’s Free

Screenshots are the easiest function already built-in to OS X. If you can remember the keyboard shortcuts. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, so when it comes to keyboard shortcuts, I cheat.

Inside the Applications folder, inside the Utilities folder, is an app called Grab. Use it to grab screen shots. There’s a few steps and more keyboard shortcuts but Grab works to grab screenshots, app windows, and more.

Or, add ScreenshotMenu to your Mac’s Menubar and get screen shots absolutely faster and easier.


ScreenshotMenu performs only two functions. Click the icon in the Menubar. Then select Click Window. Like Grab, when you click an app’s window, it grabs the image as a high quality PNG.

Or, select Drag Area in the drop down menu, and then drag a box over the screen to capture only a portion of the Mac’s screen.

Once the screenshot is captured it’s opened and displayed in Preview which makes it easy to save, convert to a different file, or share.

It’ll be a challenge to get less from a free app, but ScreenshotMenu is quick, easy, and useful. No more keyboard shortcuts to remember.