Why You’ll Love Using AirStickies On Your Mac And iPhone (think syncing Stickies)

AirStickies. This is an idea whose time has come. Stickies are a time honored way for Mac users to create quick little Post-It Notes-like sticky paper on the screen.

Stickies has been used for years to store everything from quick notes, to todo list items, to login IDs, passwords, credit card information, or anything that just needs to be saved and kept nearby.

Wouldn’t it be great to share Stickies with your iPhone?

That’s what AirStickies does. Its syncs the Mac’s Stickies with your iPhone.


Add a Sticky on one, and it gets displayed on the other. Nice, right?

Not quite. Yes, it’s handy. Who doesn’t (or, hasn’t) used Stickies and then left the Mac and wished the Stickies were available on the iPhone?

AirStickies requires an iPhone AirStickies app. That’s OK and expected. However, to sync Stickies you need both Mac and iPhone on the same local Wi-Fi network. That is so 1999.

Add Dropbox or iCloud support, and AirStickies is worth the price of admission.