Got The FaceTime Button Finding Blues? FaceTime With A Tap To Your iPhone

What’s not to like about FaceTime? Other than it’s not as ubiquitous as Skype. From my iPhone or iPad it’s just a few taps to be face-to-face with family or friends almost anywhere else in the world.

And that’s the problem. All those taps. What the iPhone needs to improve FaceTime (and any person-to-person communication) is speed dial. As it is now, it’s tap this, tap that, tap and tap again and the FaceTime connection finally begins.

Add 1TapFaceTime to your iPhone and get speed dial for FaceTime calls.

One screen lets you setup 1TapFaceTime using photos in your iPhone’s Contacts. You tap, it does all the work. When you’re done, you have a single app with all your FaceTime friends and family members.

Put the 1TapFaceTime photo icons on your iPhone and the FaceTime call begins with a tap.

1TapFaceTime acts as a speed dialer, but has a few other useful functions. Photos can be selected from your photo library, cropped, and scaled. There’s a built-in preview so you can see how it looks before saving.


Create as many FaceTime connection icons as you need. From then on, simply tap the speed dial FaceTime icon to initiate a call to a favorite.

Good, right? This is even better. The icons can be placed anywhere on your iPhone’s apps pages for even easier one-click dialing (similar to the Safari bookmark trick).