The 3 Best Voice Notes Recorder Apps For Your Mac (one is free, one is half the price of the other)

There once was a time when I made a good living through audio recording, so I’m partial to multi-track audio recording and production apps that are loaded with effects. And, I’m partial to Mac apps which can record quick audio notes, meeting notes, and useful in a classroom setting.

Here are three that I like. One is free, and another is half the price of the other.

First on the list is the free eXtra Voice Recorder Lite. Despite the lack of a price tag, eXtra Voice Recorder Lite (hereinafter referred to as XVRL) has a lengthy laundry list of functionality.

Comments can be added to each audio recording. It works with Dropbox to save files online. XVRL also imports and exports audio files (common formats such as MP3 and AAC). Using XVRL is simple, too. Simply click the icon in the Menubar for the pop down controls.

eXtra Voice Recorder

eXtra Voice Recorder Lite has a big brother with a big price tag. The non-lite eXtra Voice Recorder app looks and functions like the little brother but has a handful of additional, somewhat more professional functions to justify the price.

eXtra Voice Recorder

The big brother version lets you split a recording into multiple fragments. There’s a built-in sound detector to begin recording after periods of silence. It also lets you send files via email and you can continue recording on a previously created audio file.

What I like even better than eXtra Voice Recorder is Armadillo Audio Notes. It’s half the price of XVR minus the L and has greater focus on notes, and it synchronizes notes to audio.

That notes-syncs-to-audio function is a delight to use and perfect for meetings, lectures, and the classroom.

Armadillo Audio Notes

Organizing audio files is a bit easier, too, and the entire file structure is visible in the left sidebar. The notes editor is really closer to a mini-word processor and handles Rich Text, bullet lists, tables, and embeds charts, images, audio, video, and PDFs.

What’s missing is a comparable iPhone or iPad version with file sync. That would be perfect. The Mac is a good notes taking machine made even better with audio recording capability, but the future is even more mobile than a MacBook.