The Latest Mac Photo Craze Is To Turn Digital Photos Into Wrinkled, Aged, Antique Photos

A few years ago I had the pleasure of scanning my grandmother’s photo albums. Some photos dated back to the early part of the last century. If you’ve seen old printed photos then you know what happens. They wrinkle, they age, they turn colors, yet the have a certain charm that can be recreated right on your Mac.

The latest addition to my Mac is App iVintagePhoto. Yes, that’s a nutty name for an app, but it’s easily overlooked when you see the results. Take a photo from iPhoto and turn it into a photo from 100 years ago with a few clicks. Here’s a few samples.


A bunch of easy to use filters and effects apply the old, antique look to any digital photo.

You can also view the results of the changes in a before and after mode.


Now, how do you get those results? Point and click tools.

Add rough edges, change the tone and remove color, apply filters and effects with clicks.


If the thought of figuring out over 100 digital effects and filters seems daunting, don’t worry. iVintagePhoto comes with a long list of presets that can turn any bland digital photo into a classic masterpiece.

The end results– adding an antique look to a modern digital photo– are remarkable. To a certain extent, it’s also trial and error, but that part is actually fun.