The Two-step Process To Create Icons From Images On Your Mac (hint: one is drag and drop)

Any Mac user in the graphic design, web page, or app development knows the value of good icons. They’re everywhere. Buttons. Apps. The Dock. The Finder. For mere mortal Mac users how can we spruce up the Mac’s Desktop, add a touch of customization and organization to the bland, lifeless, colorless folders from Apple?

Enter IconFly, a mostly drag and drop app that converts images into icons. All kinds of icons. It’s a two step process to go from an image or photo to an icon. Drag and drop (one step). And click (second step).

Here’s the drag and drop portion of the activity.


Drag and drop the image or photo onto IconFly. Select the type of icon you want to generate. Click the Generate button.


IconFly can create an icon set, ICNS icons, simple folder icons, or icon images which can be saved as PNG, JPG, or TIFF files. And, files are saved from PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, ICNS, PSD, EPS, PDF and more.

It includes options to create ICNS and iconset files with rounded corners and the shine for iPhone and iPad icons.

For web developers, IconFly also saves files as ICO and favicon files. And, just to make life easier, IconFly lets you preview icons for OS X in the Mac’s Dock.