2 Reasons You Need This Utility That Probably Is Not On Your Mac Right Now

Anyone who slaves over a Mac or Windows PC keyboard all day knows the problem. Pain. It starts with a little stiffness in the fingers or wrist. Then stiff becomes tender, and tender becomes painful, and painful begets anti-inflammatory medicine, which becomes a visit to a doctor to work on another case of repetitive stress injury.

Other than avoiding the keyboard or an excess of pharmaceuticals, can RSI be avoided?

AntiRSI is a Mac app which might help by doing something you probably will like, and definitely need anyway.

It tells you to take a break.

There’s not much wrong with that advice, though there’s no guarantee that it will prevent RSI. You gotta love a Mac app which pops up a notice to take a break.


This is an idea whose time has come. Though AntiRSI works very well, it seems more expensive than necessary considering other timer apps are free or a dollar or two.

Still, this one trick pony app is aimed at doing just one thing– give you a break. And regular breaks may stave off a bout of RSI, and that’s worth at least a few bucks, right?