Here’s A 99-cent Mac App You Don’t Need, Won’t Use, It’s Still Fun To Use, And Is Very Special Where I Live

What’s the weather like where I live? Think warm, sandy beaches, lush, green mountains, and 330 days of year of nearly perfect tropical breezes. Sure, we get the occasional hurricane, earthquakes, tidal waves, and shark bites, but overall the weather is seldom less than wonderful.

What about heat waves, freezing rain, tornadoes, winter blizzards? We get all those, too. They’re just on CNN where they belong.

We know plenty of neighbors who’ve heard of snow, viewed snow on TV and movies, but never actually experienced the joy of snow angels, snow balls, or dented fenders (inspired by icy road conditions).

To bring to mind what we’re missing, so we appreciate what we have even more, there’s Let It Snow for the Mac. This clever and almost free app turns your Mac’s screen into a winter snowfall the way it was meant to be– fully controlled.

Let It Snow

First, Let It Snow uses a physics engine to create a realistic snow fall, including show drifts (at the bottom of the screen), snow covered windows, random flurries, and, melting snow that disappears over time.

Second, Let It Snow lets you control the snow. Select an amount, a flake size, speed of snowing, type of flurries, how quickly you want it to thaw, or even have multicolored snow flakes.

You won’t be able to make snow angels in Let It Snow (that would be a nice function; snow angels on the Mac’s Desktop), but the digital snow is much easier to clean up than the real stuff.