Here’s A Cheap Mac App You Didn’t Know You Need, But Once You Get It, You’ll Need It

More than a few of my Mac-using friends have observed that I seem to be a magnet for one-trick-pony apps. There might be some truth to that, as my Mac is home to a few hundred utilities probably not found on any of my friend’s Macs.

Here’s a simple 99-cent app you probably never heard of, probably haven’t seen anything like it, didn’t even know you needed it, but once you have it you’ll understand why it’s worth adding to your Mac app collection (you do collect apps, right?).

HideMyDesktop does exactly what you expect but in a different way. It hides the Mac’s Desktop by covering it with an image or color of your choosing. That way, all the clutter on the Mac’s actual Desktop doesn’t have to be moved, stored, or hidden while you focus on a task.

There’s not much to the setup, either. Select a backdrop color, or an image. Click the Apply button and you’re done.


What you get is a desktop image that covers the Mac’s Desktop, and hides all the files and folders cluttering up the Desktop.

In most Mac apps you can select the app menu, and select either Hide the app, or Hide all others. That doesn’t clear up the Desktop, though, but it makes the screen less cluttered while you focus on using a specific app.

HideMyDesktop just gives you that little bit of extra customizability and it can remember both color and image when you restart the Mac.