How Do You Manage Audio Recordings? Here’s A Better Way. The Audio Studio Manager For The Mac

For any Mac user who records audio– music sessions, studio sessions, voice overs– there’s one problem that Apple doesn’t address in Garageband, Logic, or Final Cut Pro X. Studio Management. For all the details required to keep recording projects going– status, clients, estimates, costs, rates, equipment, sessions– we’re left to figure it out ourselves.

For Mac users who understand the problems associated with managing complex recording projects, here’s the most affordable solution you can get. Audio Studio Manager.

Recording projects are broken down to Equipment Organization, Reports, Project Manager, Project Estimates, and Session Notes.

First, equipment. Use Audio Studio Manager to keep a running inventory of equipment used, including costs, vendor, warranty expiration, and current condition.

Audio Studio Manager - Equipment

Second, there’s the Project Manager which handles Account, Timesheets, Notes, and the all important Estimates, all on a per client and per project basis.

Audio Studio Manager - Projects

Estimating the cost for a project requires lists of session components, all handled neatly in the Estimates module.

Audio Studio Manager - Estimates

Audio Studio Manager spits out reports, captures session notes, and the Dashboard gives you a quick glance at projects and issues.

Audio Studio Manager - Dashboard

How cool is all that? Audio Studio Manager’s price tag is $8.99 on the Mac App Store. That’s an incredible value for any Mac user who manages recording sessions and needs to keep track of projects and details.

There isn’t much to not like here because all the basics are covered. It would be nice to have a more robust notes section (mini word processor, different font colors, etc.), and some way to assign more details to session attendees.

But it does plenty for little money.