The Coolest, Fastest iTunes Artwork Download App For The Mac Is Also Free

One aspect about storing all your music in iTunes is the wealth of iTunes album artwork. It usually matches album artwork quite well to the music you purchased on iTunes, but not so much for all those CDs that were ripped into the iTunes library back when CDs were relevant.

If you need more album artwork there are three or four apps that find artwork on the web and download it into iTunes, but here’s the fastest, most comprehensive album artwork utility I’ve found and it’s free.

dArt downloads album artwork from the iTunes Store, as well as artwork from both the Mac App Store and the iTunes App Store.


That’s it. Enter a search term, select the store, and click the Search! button.

When I first fired up dArt, I worried that nothing was going on. There’s no indication in the app that something is happening. So, I checked the /Artwork folder. Wow. Within seconds I had a folder full of album artwork. dArt may be simple but it’s fast.

The downloaded artwork varies in size, of course, and getting the artwork back into iTunes is a somewhat manual process, though useful also for those who don’t use iTunes. dArt is very good for searching and finding artwork that iTunes does not.

And the price cannot be beat.