3 Ways To Remove Duplicate Photos In iPhoto. One Is Free, Two Are Not, All Do The Job

If there’s one thing most Mac users have in common it’s iPhoto. Rather, too many photos stuffed into iPhoto, and that includes far too many duplicate photos to count. Duplicates? Sometimes we forget to delete photos on a camera and they get imported into iPhoto again. Worse, because digital photos are so inexpensive on a per photo basis, we often have two, three, or five or six shots of the same scene or person, with very little difference between the photos.

How can you rid you Mac of duplicates in iPhoto?

There are four basic ways to find and delete duplicate photos. Two are free. The first is the most tedious and time consuming and I prefer not to count it as a viable method. Open up iPhoto and start combing through all the Events in the Library to root out whatever appears to be a dupe.

Or, save yourself a lot of time and aggravation and pull down Duplicate Cleaner from the Mac App Store. It’s free. The app scans the photos in the iPhoto Library for duplicates, then makes it easy to delete them (after you get a look, just to be sure).

Duplicate Cleaner

You get what you pay for. While free is good, iRemoveDuplicate adds a slightly different perspective for just a few dollars but does mostly the same thing.

For a few dollars more there’s the gold standard for duplicate finding in Duplicate Annihilator. Not only does it find dupes, it detects missing images, imported thumbnails, and even goes so far as to compare different images of the same subject so you can get rid of photos that look the same, but are simply different shots.

In fact, the list of options in Duplicate Annihilator make it a dupe finder app far beyond the others for merely a few dollars more. Take a look at the more comprehensive preference options.

Duplicate Annihilator

What do you get when duplicates are found and removed?

A cleaner, meaner, faster iPhoto which is easier to navigate because it’s not gummed up with duplicate photos. All four methods (including the tedious manual labor method) will work, of course, but only Duplicate Annihilator gets rid of similar photos, not just dupes.