The Top 3 Free Mac Photograph Enhancement Apps That Every Photographer Must Have

How many photo enhancement apps do I have stored on my Mac? Dozens. Some of which are used a few times each month, others are used each week, and plenty of others take up space but I don’t want to delete them because, well, you know. I might need them. Someday.

Of those I use regularly are three that do more than expected considering the price tag. They’re free.

Fotor – Why Fotor is free is beyond me. I don’t fully appreciate the business plan of a free app that jams in a bunch of wanted features. Fotor does the standard effects and borders, 30 styles of frames, 60 different effects, and 13 one click presets.


Remarkably there’s even a Tilt-Shift option to work with the 41 different preset collage templates. Why is this app free?

XnConvert – Here’s one you probably have never heard of, but it’s a must have to batch convert photos. XnConvert handles all the common Mac photo and graphic formats from JPG to PNG, TIFF to RAW, and 500 more.


XnConvert’s tools are a bit cumbersome, but it features drag-and-drop, batch rotating, cropping, and resizing, as well as a variety of filters and effects which can be added to many photos at once.

HDRtist – HDR, high dynamic range imaging, is all the rage these days. It’s even been added to the iPhone. A good way to get started with HDR is the free HDRtist app. It reduces to a single step the creation of HDR photos and tone maps, and includes for tone mapping techniques.


If you’re not into the extra effort required to create true HDR photos, HDRtist takes dull and underexposed photos and boosts the apparent color range to save the day. It’s priced right at free, but more features are available in the Pro version.