Is It Possible To Create Yet Another Inexpensive Paint And Drawing App For The Mac?

Maybe all those Core utilities that Apple stuffed into OS X years ago had a hand in the explosion of paint, drawing, and photo enhancement apps. Maybe everyone who buys a paint, drawing, or photo enhancement app wants to have a couple of backups. You know, just in case. Whatever it is that’s causing this rash of apps, here’s another one and it’s pretty good, and pretty cheap.

Paint Desk is what you think it is. It’s a Mac painting app, good as a digital sketchpad, but with tools that go beyond mere drawing. It can also be used to enhance digital photos, but that’s cheating.

Here’s the picture that’s worth at least a few hundred words on how Paint Desk can be used to create awesome images (talent and experience not included in the app).

Paint Desk

Paint Desk comes with standard graphic design options, including floating palettes of tools, access to the Mac’s fonts and color tools, and basics– brushes, eraser, selection tool, airbrush, fill and eyedropper, and plenty of text capability.

Paint Desk

Paint Desk features layers, multiple undos, draw on image, stroke and fill options, and full image resize capability. It’s really well done, remarkably inexpensive (coffee costs more), but aimed more at those with talent, or who need an inexpensive drawing app to get started.