How To Slice And Dice Photos To Create A Unique Collage Image On A Mac, And Get Change From A Dollar

One of the benefits of having gargantuan disk drives these days is space. Lots of space. Enormous, humongous amounts of space. What does all that storage accomplish? Seemingly unlimited storage space means more apps, more photos apps, more photos. Here’s another photo enhancement app that I added to my collection recently. It’s good and I got change back from a dollar (so to speak).

One of the new trends in photos is called ‘photo dicing.’ Think of it as a collage with a single photo, but sliced and diced with specific elements of the photo in a collage-like frame.

This photo of some photo dicing photos tells you almost all you need to know about Photo Samurai.

Photo Samurai

Instead of creating a multi-frame collage with a different photon in each frame, Photo Samurai slices and dices a single photo into multiple frames, with elements of the photo in each frame.

It’s simple to create the photo dicing effect, too. Drop in a photo, use slider bars to create the number of slices, both height and width. Then, align the slices appropriate, adjust the border, add a little gloss and you have a masterpiece.

More Photo Samurai


Simple, straightforward, and it does what most Mac collage apps don’t do– photo dicing. Images can even be cropped to fit within the slices. It’s not a typical collage app, but Photo Samurai is very clever, remarkably inexpensive, and has no real learning curve.