iDraw Paintings: The Funnest New Mac Drawing And Painting Bargain App In Years

When it comes to graphic design, drawing, and painting apps for Mac users, is there anything new under the sun? Yes. Two things come to mind right away. The first is Adobe’s new Creative Cloud, which requires customers to rent Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design, media, and web tools.

The second is iDraw Paintings, a better than expected Mac app that’s an image editor that would be the new MacPaint if Apple’s original graphics app had been allowed to live and mature.

There’s a lot to like here, but it starts with familiar palettes, tools, and features.

iDraw Paintings

Special effects can be applied to any part of an image or photo using the very accurate selection tool. Shapes can be created and combined into unique objects, and objects from one image are easily removed and moved to another.

iDraw Paintings

iDraw Paintings comes with plenty of pre-drawn shapes, but supports shadows and fills and strokes, plus it has a unique professional level color correction tool you won’t usually find in inexpensive graphic design apps (which this one is not).

Photos can be enhanced by exposure, saturation, shadows, hue, highlights, contrast and the usual suspects found in photo editors. As is the case with most Mac graphic apps, files can be saved as JPG, TIFF, and PNG, but oddly, not PSD.

I consider iDraw Paintings a very good starter graphics design and photo enhancement app that’s priced about the same as renting Photoshop for a month.