My name is Ron McElfresh. I’m a Mac user, iPhone user, iPad user.

A few of my friends would say that sounds like an introduction at a 12 step program for some sort of addiction. There are similarities. Apple customers love their Macs, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, iPhoto, the App Stores, and pretty much all things Apple.

McSolo is a site about me and my Apple toys, with links to news items of interest, tips and tricks, reviews, and a few opinions on whatever interests me at the moment. Though my experience with computers dates back to the days of CP/M, Unix, and DOS, I’m at home on one of many Macs, or digging through my iPad, or checking my iPhone.

McSolo. Me and My Apple Toys.

What I Use

My current day-to-day machine is an iMac; 16 gigs RAM, multiple two terabyte hard drives, 27-inch screen. This Mac is loaded with software that I use to build the content management systems used in web sites.

  • Coda – code editor (even though version 2.x sucks)
  • CSSEdit – CSS editor (which hasn’t been updated in ages)
  • BBEdit – code editor
  • Photoshop – for images (one of two remaining Adobe apps)
  • Fireworks – for graphics (a favorite graphic app)
  • Final Cut Pro X – for audio/video (is there anything better?)
  • ChronoSync – for file syncs between Macs
  • SuperDuper! – for perfect backup clones
  • Safari – for web browsing
  • Firefox – for development
  • Aperture – for photographs

What I Don’t Use

Microsoft Office – please, don’t get me started. My home is Microsoft free. No Office in this home office.

News Links

My interests are varied, so I’ll dig up news items to match.

These will include photography, videography, music, books, media, entertainment, religion, and, of course all things Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPod and now, iPad.

The Site

Syndicated feeds are available for both RSS 2.0 and Atom. I use mostly valid XHTML and CSS to construct the site’s web pages.

That means McSolo looks best when viewed in Apple’s Safari web browser, Mac or PC, or Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, Mac or PC, or Google’s Chrome browser. If you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to view McSolo’s web pages, then switch to one of the aforementioned browsers.

You’ll be glad you did.


McSolo is inspired by John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. The pithy writing style, articulate analysis of products and events, and choice opinions are a delightful break from mainstream media and their canned weblogs. Daring Fireball’s elegant, no nonsense design sits in stark contrast to the cluttered web sites which dominate the internet.

The McSolo design is inspired, in part, by Daring Fireball, and by NoodleMac, a site I built a few years ago to track and highlight software I use or would use on my Mac. My two sites share code, layout, and color scheme– and author.